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12 Cabinet

Vintage 1967 Fender Bassman "Blackface" w / Matching 2x12 Cabinet! NO RESERVE!!!


Marshall 4x12 Cabinet 1970s Celestion G12M with Pulsonic Cones All Original


Mesa Boogie 1x12" Guitar Cabinet - Widebody Compact - 90-Watt Black


Acoustic Control 404 6x12 Speaker Cabinet




Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H 120 Watt Half Stack Tube Head W / 4x12 Cabinet


Victoria Bandmaster head and 2x12 Jensen vintage P12Ns cabinet.


Electric Guitar 1X12 Empty 12" Speaker Carpet Cabinet Enclosure Box 1/4" Jack


Electro-Harmonix MIG-50 2x12 Cabinet - Used


Markbass New York 121 1x12 Bass Cabinet


Panama Guitars 2x12 Stereo Cabinet White/Graphite w/ Purpleback Drivers


Empty Fender 2X12 Cabinet for Custom Vibrolux Reverb Chassis or Extension


Carvin Legacy 4x12 Cabinet - Steve Vai Signature W/ Celestion Vintage 30’s.


2x12" Guitar Cabinet Unfinished


rawcabs 1x12 pine unload Princeton Reverb combo cabinet


Two Rock Signature SD 2X12 Speaker CABINET Red Coat


Bugera 112TS 80W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet - 8 Ohm


1x12 Pine Wood Guitar Speaker Cabinet


Peavey 4x12 Guitar/Bass Cabinet




Seismic Audio SA212 2x12" Guitar Cabinet


Egnator Tweaker Head & 1x12 Cabinet Guitar Amp


Orange TH30 twin channel guitar amp head tube PPC 1-12 cabinet Local Pickup CA


Orange Amplification PPC112 1x12" 60-Watt Guitar Speaker Cabinet (Orange) (Used)


Vintage 1960s Fender Bandmaster Black Speaker Cabinet 12" Speaker


Speaker cabinet, unfinished with port, 2x12, speakers not included


carvin Speaker cabinet 4-12 speakers


Krank 4x12 Cabinet eminence speakers Chrome Grill Original owner smoke free


Crate Red Voodo 4x12 Cabinet Sammy Hagar


eminiance guitar replacement 12" speaker from Jet City cabinet 16 ohm


Vintage Dovetail Construction Guitar Speaker Cabinet 12 inch


PEAVEY 212 Extension Cabinet 80 Watt RMS 2x12" Speakers Guitar Amplifier Amp


NEW CELESTION CREAMBACK G12M65 16 ohm Guitar amp cabinet Speaker 65W new demo


THD 2 x 12 Cabinet 2-12" Unloaded Speaker Cab Seattle USA 27lbs Slot Port 2x12


Mesa/Boogie 1x12" Widebody Open Back Guitar Amp Extension 90-Watt 8Ohm Cabinet


Orange PPC212 - 120-watt 2x12" Cabinet - Orange


Egnater Rebel 112X 1x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet Black and Beige w/ Cover CLEAN!


Earcandy Sovreign 1x12 Cabinet (**Celestion Creamback G12H75 8ohm Loaded**)